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Tacoma World Forum Review

Here is a great before and after review on the Tacoma End caps, one of our most popular items we sell. Check it out HERE

Last month I got in my truck and the back up monitor was screaming at me, so i hopped out to find this...

Luckily the BSM unit and back up sensor were not damaged. Only the bumper cover from a hit and run driver. Also the other supporting hardware and bumper pieces were untouched.

I used Painted OEM Parts, to replace my bumper cap. In total for a color matched bumper cover it was $215 shipping included. From Toyota the replacement cap non painted was $200. I was quoted another $2-300 to color match.

Painted OEM parts uses your vin number to verify color of your truck and I must say the color is a perfect match. I have the sparkles in my Black paint and they matched it. As far as customer service, Sean replied to all my Emails within a 30 minute window, and was super helpful. My first bumper cap had a small run in the paint and Sean made it right with in the hour with a return label. Turn around time was phenomenal and faster than i could have imagined.

Here are a couple pictures to show you that they are truly OEM parts and the quality of their work. I wouldn't hesitate to reorder from them again if i have another Hit and Run accident or if you wanted to replace your chrome caps for color matched ones.


I have no affiliation with Painted OEM Part nor was I asked to write a review. I am just a guy that had his truck hit and left with the damages. I was blown away by their customer service and wanted to spread the word about this company since i know many of you want color matched caps.


I believe this powder is to protect the paint during shipping. It wipes right off with a micro fiber towel and some quick detail spray.

Cleaned Up

The inside to show you its from Toyota

The Finished Product. Everything fit right back in to place perfectly.

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