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Painted OEM Parts: Your Body Shop Alternative

Have a damaged body piece on your vehicle, but don't want to go through the hassle of a body shop? Painted OEM Parts is your turn-key service that allows you to get your vehicle repaired hassle-free while being able to keep your vehicle!

Located in Colorado, Painted OEM Parts is committed to providing professionally painted auto body parts with a lifetime warranty, custom color matching, and nationwide shipping.

WHY CHOOSE PAINTED OEM PARTS? Color Matching With our new partnership with PPG, we are proud to be the first facility in the USA to have the first automatic, automotive paint mixing machine ensuring an exact mix every time! The Moonwalk allows us to take any human error out of the equation and gives us more time to focus on the part. Still worried or have a unique color? Feel free to send us a piece to custom color match using our camera. Our camera scans the piece giving us a specific formula for your vehicle! Click Here for more info.

Professionally Painted Genuine OEM & OE Replacement Parts This video shows our Paint Process in 45 seconds. Our painters are trained professionals dedicated to providing high quality, painted parts for your vehicle. Proper steps and high quality materials guarantee a long last, factory paint job. Click Here to see our Paint Process in detail. We offer both Genuine OEM and OE Replacement parts depending on your preference.

  • Genuine OEM Parts come from the vehicle manufacturer with perfect fitment, but tend to be more expensive.

  • OE Replacement Parts are aftermarket and come from a third-party to look the same as OEM without a fitment guarantee, but can be significantly less expensive.

Nationwide Shipping We provide shipping to all 48 states within the continental USA. Each part is carefully package, never folded to prevent any damage to the fresh paint.

​Click Here for more info.

Lifetime Warranty Since we use the highest quality in materials and paint, we provide a Lifetime Warranty on all our products. This covers any fading, peeling, or cracking under normal wear and tear. However, this does not cover any chemical or physical damage.

Denver Better Business Bureau Accredited Please feel free to read our reviews or submit your own review on how we did by clicking the BBB link.


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