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Do OEM Parts Come Painted?

With all the resources auto manufacturers have, you would think they would provide painted bumpers, fender, side skirt, hoods, etc. Unfortunately, this is not the case. When ordering a part from your manufacturer, they will only provide you with a raw or primed part that will need minor prep work prior to painting (see image).

​You will then be responsible to find a body shop to paint the part for you, or paint it yourself. Though you can not find large painted parts from the manufacturers, you can find painted 'accessories' for your car. Accessories are typically small items such as side mirrors, tow covers, spoilers, trim pieces, etc. This is not always the case, but brands such as Subaru, Mazda, Toyota, and Honda provide some of these parts. In need of a new painted part? Painted OEM Parts is committed to providing professionally painted auto body parts with a lifetime warranty, custom color matching, and nationwide shipping. CONTACT US TODAY!

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