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In any industry, ingenuity is the key distinguishing factor between “more of the same” and “game-changer” as everyone jostles for a foothold in the spotlight. Painted OEM Parts has blazed a distinctive trail in the automotive space with a combination of creativity and diligent efficacy.

Painted OEM Parts LLC is a one-of-a-kind company that sells brand-new Original Equipment Manufacturer car parts and Original Equipment Replacement car parts, utilizing a custom color matching technology to ensure all OEM parts are painted to match the vehicle’s paint code before installation.

Operating out of Loveland, Colorado, Painted OEM Parts is developing a fast-growing reputation for its excellent service as an alternative to the conventional mechanic or body shops and is committed to making sure all clients and customers get the best experience possible. The company boasts a group of highly trained personnel that work together to create personable customer service, a hitch-free transaction, and the delivery of products in the shortest possible time.

Car enthusiast and owner Sean Arnold, who serves as the company CEO, shared that Painted OEM Parts was established in response to the persistent online problem in the automotive industry of ordering and not getting the exact parts or damages to the parts due to shipping.

“Painted OEM provides a solution other than a traditional body shop hassle and cost. We created the solution to all these problems by mastering the art of painting OEM parts and shipping OEM parts,” said Sean.

Painted OEM uses multiple layers of protective material during packaging to prevent scratching or dents of parts throughout the entire delivery process.

In the last six years, the automotive firm has successfully carved out a niche for itself with its stellar and efficient output.

The company is one of a select few that ship OEM parts directly from the manufacturers with no third-party input and sets a 5-day completion time for all orders. In addition, leveraging on pioneering paint mixing technology, Painted OEM Parts match the exact color of ordered parts to those specified by the VIN of the vehicle or creates the precise custom color indicated by the customer.

Since its establishment, Painted OEM has received hundreds of glowing reviews and has been particularly popular with owners of the Toyota Tacoma, with about 50 customers giving them 4.9/5 stars. As a further testament to the organization’s mission and devotion to customer satisfaction, the company is, once again, one of the few auto parts online stores that extends a lifetime warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee on all auto parts, covering issues from wrong colors or fitting to peeling, fading, or cracking received from regular wear and tear.

In the coming years, the firm hopes to become the go-to store for anyone seeking to fix or replace their car exteriors and to build more business-to-business relationships with dealers, mechanic shops, etc.

With the meticulous care applied to every stage of its business operations, Painted OEM is positioning itself to become a veritable model in the automotive industry.

Learn more about Painted OEM Parts by visiting the official website.

By Ryan Pierre at New York Weekly

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