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Subaru WRX Pre-Painted Parts List

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Note: We often refer to our offerings as "pre-painted car parts," but this term doesn't quite capture the whole story. At Painted OEM Parts, we don't stockpile randomly pre-painted parts. Instead, every component is tailored to match your vehicle upon order. We achieve this precision by utilizing your car's VIN or paint code.

Have a custom paint job? No worries! Simply send us a part, and we'll match it right away. Our commitment to precision and top-notch quality truly sets us apart.


Subaru WRX Front Bumper Cover

Subaru WRX Rear Bumper Cover

Subaru WRX Front Fender, Fender Lower Molding and Side Skirt Rocker Molding

Subaru WRX Took Hook Cover

Subaru WRX Other Components

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